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Friday, June 13, 2014

Take A Chance by Abbi Glines- Review!

"My books were my friends." - Abbi Glines, Take a Chance

Photo courtesy of Abbi Glines

I have been anticipating Grant's story since the first time I read about him in the Rosemary Beach series. When Grant was so nice to Blaire, filled up her truck, and tried to help her out- I knew he was going to be a male character I'd enjoy reading about!

Unfortunately, that wasn't really the case. The book started off ok. The readers are introduced to Harlow being woken up by the devil, aka Nan, knocking boots quite loudly with some guy. At this point, Harlow hasn't heard from Grant in weeks, after *spoiler alert* a friend's death. Harlow is feeling hurt and down after giving herself to Grant and feeling as if he she was just another notch on his bedpost. Low and behold, the boot-knocking boy mentioned earlier is Grant. Harlow and Grant have a very awkward meeting down in the kitchen in the early morning hours after Harlow's rough night sleeping and Grant's rough night of drinking and sleeping with the enemy.

Ugh, Grant. Why why why?! Nan, of ALL people?! The whole book is basically a couple different things: Grant asking for forgiveness or Harlow doubting herself. Grant is always asking for forgiveness because he's messed up a lot in his past and has messed up at the beginning of his relationship with Harlow. He's trying to make up for it, but Harlow has a lot of self-esteem issues and doubting about herself, as well as Grant's true intentions, especially his feelings involving Nan.

Harlow... frustrates me. Everyone constantly tells her how gorgeous she is, yet she has little to no self-confidence. I know much of that has to do with her history, but come on. Just a little bit of confidence would be nice. The end of this book just annoyed me. Seriously? Something like that, the "big" secret, is going to end the growing relationship between Grant and Harlow? I get Grant feeling betrayed- he had fallen for Harlow completely and she kept this from him. I don't understand why Harlow thought it was such a freaking big deal that she had to keep this from him. Yes, he might've been scared or worried about her, but they could deal with it together, talk it out, and move on. I just think that whole situation was over-exaggerated and needlessly dramatic.

This was my face about the book overall:

I will definitely still read One More Chance, the 2nd novel of Grant and Harlow's story, in September when it comes out- I'm hoping it'll make me feel a little bit better about this one. 

Take A Chance Playlist:

Sleeping with the Enemy by Kylie Minogue
Safe by Britt Nicole
I Need You by Tim McGraw
I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts

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