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Monday, June 9, 2014

Staking His Claim (Line of Duty #5) by Tessa Bailey - Review

Mrs. Tessa Bailey you have out done yourself this time!!!! Holy Hell my blood was boiling while reading the 5th installment in this series. I have to say that hands down this is by far my favorite book!!! My God my mouth fell open quite a few times during the story and I literally was fanning myself with my Kindle!

Matt Donovan is my deep dark fantasy God that man literally leaves me in a puddle!!! F**k me please Mr. Donovan!

I think I loved this story better than the others because of Lucy and her dauntless personality. I mean come on she pulled a fast one over on Matt and didn't bat an eye!! Although if I was in the same space as Matt and knew he wouldn't touch me because I was his best friends little sister...yeah I'd lie too!

It broke my heart how Matt felt about his dominating personality in bed and how he felt like he was an animal, all because of a past fiance who couldn't wrap her mind around the idea. Look if you can't handle a man who knows how he wants it in the bedroom and will make damn sure he gets it...then bitch move over!!!!!
I loved the chemistry between Lucy and Matt and how honest and real they were with each other. I wanted soooo much more from them and hated when the story was over. That would be the ONLY disappointing thing about these books...they're just too short!!!!!! I could have read about Matt and Lucy for hours and hours! Then again I love dirty talking, dominating alpha males like Matt and I can never get enough of them!!!

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