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Monday, June 9, 2014

Officer Off Limits (Line of Duty #3) by Tessa Bailey - Review

Tessa Bailey NEVER disappoints!! I absolutely love her books and I love her characters! Story and Daniel did NOT disappoint either...I mean come on if you've read this book you know these two were HOT HOT HOT!!!!! I love how Tessa isn't afraid to push the limits with her men because deep down, us women all fantasize of a strong alpha male who will talk dirty and do dirty things in the bedroom!!

 And if you say 'oh but no I don't want a guy like that' then you're lying to yourself and you need seek therapy to get your head out of your ass!!!

 Daniel and Story were just PERFECT! I love a tough female and I love a dominant male and you get that in this book. Although Story isn't too tough, she can hold her own and isn't some wimpy female who falls to mush when shit hits the fan. Don't hesitate...go read Tessa Bailey's books you won't be disappointed I promise! Then again I may be bias because I have a really sore weakness for men in uniform :)

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