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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fighting to Forgive by JB Salsbury - Review

Where do I even start with the second installment of the Fighting Series by JB Slasbury?!?! After reading Fighting for Flight, I could not wait to read more about these gorgeous UFC fighters! I was especially excited to read about my favorite, Blake "The Snake" Daniels.

 Blake won my heart over and made my panties want to drop numerous times!!! I have been waiting to get into Blake's head since reading Fighting for Flight. Blake is a smart ass, smooth talking, fine piece of man that has a broken past. Since the first chapter, I wanted to shelter the old Blake and cry for the pain he had to endure all because he wanted to do what he loved best. But the man he God just take me already!!!!!

 Layla was a perfect match for Blake in my opinion. She could stand her own ground even though she doubted herself. She didn't annoy me with being a weak, whiny scared of the world female. Instead she won my heart by stepping up and being the mom she had to be and giving herself and her daughter the life they needed.

Blake and Layla just worked beautifully. She knew exactly how to push his buttons enough to get to his heart! And Blake's affection toward Layla's daughter Axelle just stole my heart even more! Even though both came from broken pasts, they were able to overcome and find love within each other. JB Salsbury never disappoints and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed reading Fighting to Forgive!

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