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Monday, June 9, 2014

Bender (The Core Four #1) by Stacy Borel - Review

First things first...Stacy Borel I bow to you and your amazing self!! This is the first book I've read by this author and it won't be the last! I also want to commend her because she  wrote about a town and a University that is so close to my heart. I've been reading a long time and I've never read a book where I actually knew the places that I was reading about. This book could have been total shit but I was slightly bias due to the fact that it took place in Athens, Georgia at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!!).
Okay so on to the actual story. I loved this book more than I ever thought I would. I literally laughed out loud, rolled my eyes, I got frustrated and boy did I need a could shower or five after this book!
You've got Keegan, who is the main female character in the book who is currently attending The University of Georgia to get her degree in Nursing. She hasn't lived the glamorous life due to having a father who is not in the picture and she refers to as "the sperm donor" and a mother who is so self absorbed she has "no time" to be a mother. Keegan has a younger sister named Sarah who's only 8years old and solely depends on Keegan to care for her because as I said her mother is a douchebag. Well Keegan can't handle the stress of being a parent to her sister, working a part time job and trying to pass her classes to finish the nursing program. So at the advisement of her ever so quirky friend Macie, she looks for ads where people are looking for a roommate. Keegan cannot pay for an apartment on her own and her friend Macie is still milking the cash cow known as her parents!
So after two very interesting and slightly frightful visits to possible places to live, she goes to the last visit and it was holy fuck me happily ever after! We meet Dodger Brooks who is mouth wateringly gorgeous, sweet and makes you just want to drop your panties with a blink of an eye kind of guy. Of course Keegan loves the apartment, loves how sweet and gorgeous Dodger is so she ultimately accepts the offer as the new roommate.
And we think the story is just going to go from there. Ohhh my friends but no!! In walks the ACTUAL owner of the apartment and Dodger's brother, Camden Brooks. Now I've read my fair share of hottie book guys but my friends, Camden is now on my top 5 book boyfriend list! My GOD that man is not only gorgeous but the dirty words that come out of his mouth will have your panties disintegrating into thin air and releasing the Hoover Dam in your lady parts!


Keegan and Camden have this amazing attraction to each other but it's the typical, don't-give-in-lets-just-drive-each-other-crazy-with-witty-banter-and-sexually-laced-sarcasm! It will have you pulling your hair and screaming:

So that's just a little brief insight to what the book is about. I didn't want to go into too much detail because well you just need to read it to enjoy all of it's gloriousness that it is!! I will tell you that a lot of people didn't like the book just for the simple fact of how insecure Keegan was with her body. Okay let's just get one thing straight, how many of you can HONESTLY say that the things that Keegan was self conscious about has not crossed your mind one time or a million?!?! I mean come on geez!!!!!
I didn't think her insecurities were "too much" or "overdone" throughout the book. In my opinion it's what kept me reading and coming to the conclusion that I adored Keegan because she never lost sight of who she was and what she wanted. I also commend Stacy Borel for writing a female character that was so realistic and relatable. She wasn't perfect and she wasn't like every other female character you read in books. She was a true to the core 20 something year old girl trying to find her way while going to college. Can we get any more real than that my friends?!?!?!?! Keegan may have her insecurities but let me tell you, that girl could hold her own and bring that southern sassiness out with the snap of a finger!! 
If you read this book, I promise you won't be disappointed!! The guys are hot, the sex is hotter and the dirty talk is even hotter than hot!! If I had to say one thing negative about this book it would be that I think some of the more "intense situations" throughout could have been a little more "intense" if that makes sense. I wanted a little more drama and depth to the situations that Keegan was faced with...but oh well such is life...

P.S. There will be three more books to come in this series. I failed to mention that there are a total of four Brooks brothers! In addition to Camden there's Dodger, Turner and Wrigley who will each get their own story! Holy hotness overload!!!!! 

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