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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fighting to Forget by J.B. Salsbury- Review!

"Laughter bursts from my lips as I consider the group of misfits in this room. Parentless, raised by strangers, or conceived under horrible situations, we all found each other. My entire life I've felt like the outsider hiding the shameful feelings that I couldn't explain, but not anymore. In this room, with these individuals, we're equals, sharing in the struggle life set before us and similar in our circumstances. It's as if God brought us together to normalize our feelings and give us each other to lean on, confide in and support in return." 

In Book 3 of the Fighting series, we're introduced to Rex. I've been looking forward to reading Rex's story for a while- he always held an air of mystery whenever he was mentioned in either of the first two books in this series. After reading Fighting to Forget, I can definitely understand why.

***Spoiler alert- read at your own risk!***

Let's talk about Rex. The early parts of Rex's life were terrible. They were devastating, cruel, and traumatic and Rex can't remember any of it. He gets flashes and has nightmares, but can't figure out if they are actual memories or just random thoughts his brain has. Rex's therapist tells him the nightmares have to come from something, probably things his childhood brain regressed, but Rex doesn't want to believe the things in his nightmares could possibly be true, except for her...

Gia is the little girl who was Rex's friend through childhood. She visited him through a crack below the door, especially on the extra challenging nights. Both were treated horribly by parents/foster-parents but Gia always tried to comfort Rex whenever she could. 8 year old Gia was determined to find a way to rescue 10 year old Rex, even if she had to risk herself to do so.

Present day:

Rex is a thrill-seeker. He savors pain because it's the only thing tying him to reality, making him feel alive. He gets a major rush from adrenaline and has triggers when people say certain things to him. He has a temper he can barely keep contained and prefers to keep everyone at a distance because he doesn't want anyone to see the real him.

Mac is starting a new life. She came to Vegas for revenge, but found out that wasn't going to happen. Now, she's searching for peace. Mac has been watching Rex from afar, as a waitress at the bar his band frequents. Mac has a big secret and has information that could make or break Rex, but can't decide if she should risk telling him. Mac wants Rex, more than she's ever wanted anything, and is so close to having him, she is scared to risk messing it up.

Rex finds out what Mac is hiding from him. He's destroyed with this new information. He wants to hurt himself to make himself feel alive, a familiar coping mechanism he's used most of his adult life. It breaks your heart as the reader to witness him fall totally and completely apart. Mac is able to help him some, stop him from doing something severe, but then he pushes her away.

Mac leaves because she can't take the pain she's caused Rex, once again. She stays gone for a while, slowly killing herself, because she believes she's got nothing left to live for without Rex. Luckily, Mac's old roommate is clued in on what she's been up to and reaches out to Rex. Will Rex be able to put aside his issues and try to help Mac? You'll just have to read the book to find out! This was a 5 star read for me!

Playlist (according to JB AND me):

Silent Night by Kelly Clarkson
Goodbye by Seconhand Serenade
Save You by Simple Plan
Taking Over Me by Evanescence 
Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Aparatus
I'll Follow You by Shinedown

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