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Monday, June 16, 2014

Fighting for Flight by J.B. Salsbury- Review!

"Fighting gave me my breath, but you brought me back to life." -J.B. Salsbury, Fighting for Flight

How could you not love this book cover? Love the tattoos and the story behind them!

I enjoyed this book. I loved Jonah Slade! I mean, how could you not?

 Jonah is a UFL playboy. He's well known throughout the community for his skills inside and outside of the octagon. Jonah's focus has been all on his training, preparing for his big fight with the UFL. There's little that could deter Jonah from gym time, training, and keeping his eye on the prize.

Enter, Raven. I liked Raven (most of the time) and thought their interactions were perfect. It was steamy from the first time they met and you could feel the chemistry between the lines you read! I feel like she wasn't as realistic, though. Raven came from a horrible background, with a Mother who was rarely there for her and a father who was a monster. Going through all that her character had, I would expect  her to be a little more...jaded. I don't know, that's just me! I loved that she was a total tomboy, working as a mechanic and had a huge passion for cars, but yet she could totally be all feminine with Jonah!

Overall, the chemistry between Jonah and Raven was electric. She couldn't take her eyes off of him, he couldn't take his hands off her. You just wanted to be part of that relationship and feel the way they made the other feel! I love Raven and Jonah together and can't wait to read more of their story in the following books :)

I also thought her relationship with Eve was strange or just undeveloped. I wish we would've gotten deeper in to that. **Side note: The author has since stated she's going to be doing a book dedicated to Eve, so I'm ecstatic about that! I really believe there's an interesting backstory with Eve and I can't wait to read it!

 If the second book can't be about Jonah, then I am thrilled it's about Blake! His attitude cracked me up in the book, and I loved the sliver of vulnerability he showed when talking with Raven. Overall, this was a good, easy read, it fueled my romance wants, and I'm looking forward to the next books in the series!

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