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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Falling Into Us by Jasinda Wilder - Review

Hmmm so I was really excited to read Falling Into Us, especially after reading Falling Into You but I do have to be honest…I was a bit disappointed. I felt like everything just dragged and dragged and dragged and there was no real “point” to the story.

Maybe it’s just me but I felt like the meat of the story was missing. I did love Becca and Jason’s story I just felt like I was being dragged through the mud page after page!!!! I mean when what happened with Becca’s brother was just kind of dismissed, I felt cheated in a way.

Throughout the whole story certain situations would be dragged out and others just rushed through…kind felt like being 15 again and learning to drive for the for the first time…gas…brake…gas…brake…gas…brake!!!!!!! Oh well…it was a good read and I don’t regret reading it but I just couldn’t help but feel something was just lacking in the book.

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