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Monday, October 27, 2014

Heart Recaptured by Tillie Cole COVER REVEAL!

It's that time again! Tillie Cole has finished Ky and Delilah's story and it's time for us to see their cover! Who's ready for more from the Hades Hangmen?!

HR ebook cover


Title: Heart Recaptured
 Series: Hades Hangmen #2 
Author: Tillie Cole 
Age group: Mature new adult 
Genre: MC dark contemporary romance 
Release date: 2nd December 2014


Even salvation can be delivered through the love of the damned… Beauty can be a curse. Faith can be a cage. Only love can set you free. A few long weeks after being reluctantly ripped from the comforting embrace of her sacred prophet’s religious commune—the only life she has ever known—a terrified Delilah is thrust into a world enveloped by evil and swimming in sin. Steadfastly devout in her faith, and retaining the deep belief that her soul is innately tarnished as a branded ‘Cursed woman of Eve’, Delilah is determined to find her way home to her people in The Order and away from the corrupt and damned outlaw motorcycle club—The Hades Hangmen—who hold her at their secluded compound for her protection—a 'protection' she strongly resents. Delilah yearns to return home, convinced that only amongst her own people, and under the holy guidance of the Lord’s revealed prophet, can her Satan-spawned soul be truly saved. Conditioned her entire life to believe she is a witch... a life-long temptress… the devil’s whore... Delilah increasingly resents her beautiful face, her shapely body and her sensuous effect on men. But when a man of the motorcycle club—a deeply sinful yet stunningly beautiful man—is charged with her care, Delilah begins to see that this dangerous and moralless sinner from the 'outside' may offer her something she did not know could truly exist: unconditional love. Kyler ‘Ky’ Willis loves his life: a daily abundance of brotherhood, liquor, the freedom of the open-road and—best of all—his pick of hot women. Raised a biker brat and now VP of the most notorious MC in the States, Ky has no shortage of club sluts warming his bed; a situation he takes full advantage of… until a certain blonde enters his life… a gorgeous pilgrim-blonde he can’t get out of his head… a pilgrim-blonde he and his club recently-rescued from some backward religious cult… and a pilgrim-blonde he’s been ordered to keep the hell away from and his whorish hands off. When yet another in a lengthy line of drunken blunders forces Ky to reluctantly take charge of the pilgrim-blonde’s care, he realizes that there could be more to this woman than just supermodel looks and a stacked set of tits. He begins to see that she could be the woman who could do the impossible—tame his wild ways and capture his reluctant heart. But the unyielding bonds of Lilah’s past are strong, her ‘people’ determined and, with a new Prophet in charge and hell bent on revenge, they are mightily reluctant to let her go...  


Tillie Cole Author Pic

Tillie Cole is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain. She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother — a farmer’s daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.


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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fighting the Fall by JB Salsbury Review!!

"I always want more. That's my problem. I want to be the girl that a man can't live without." - JB Salsbury, Fighting the Fall

We received an ARC for an honest review, generously provided by JB through Knock Your Boots Off! We are SO grateful to have the chance to read this book and share our thoughts on it... It is a definite DON'T MISS! 5 Star Book for us :) This review will be a little different as both Candace and I are working on it together, you'll get two times the opinion on this book because we both read it and both bow to Jamie and her awesome writing skills!

  bow down photo: bow down tumblr_m8fclaK6bq1qcxi0lo1_500.gif

 Chelsea's thoughts:

 Seriously don't know where to begin with this one. JB is at the top of my list of favorite writers in the NA Genre. She never fails to create a storyline where it can break your heart, make you laugh, make you cry, and make you audibly gasp all at the same time. She is so good at character development and really making you feel what those characters feel. Once again, I love that we get the dual POV. I love the dynamic between Cameron and Eve, and hearing their own thoughts. I've loved Eve since Fighting for Flight, so I have been so anxious to finally read her story! It was totally worth the wait :) Wonderful. excited photo: excited captain sparrow excitedcaptainsparrow.gif

 Ok, sorry- just had to get some of my excitement out! I loved this book. My favorite Fighting fella is still Rex, hands down, but Cameron definitely pulled at my heart strings. Ugh. I felt for him. My heart hurt for him and the guilt that he's carried with him for so many years. But the true star for me in this book is definitely Eve. I think I identify with her more than any of the other Fighting leading ladies so far. Her confidence has been rocked by the crappy guys she's had in her past, and Cameron doesn't really help that at the beginning of their 'relationship.' There were so many times where I was seriously shaking my head at her, or Cameron, or both!!

  shake head photo: shake head shakehead.gif

 While I was frustrated with both of them at times, I knew they belonged together. They were just good for each other. He could provide that love and support that she really needed, not to mention a family. She gave him something to hope for, something to live for, something to make him smile. Cameron knew once he fell for Eve, he could no longer fight the fall.

happy tears photo: happy tears happytears_zpsf78abe67.gif 

Candace's Review:
"Falling isn't always failure. Sometimes the biggest victories only happen when we're brave enough to let go and give in to the pull."

Hot DAMN JB Salsbury you've done it again!! I never thought anyone would win my heart over like Blake Daniels did but Cameron Kyle stole it like a thief in the night. My God that man had me panting one minute and wanting to bash his head in with a baseball the next. And Eve Dawson...oh Eve, Eve, Eve I've waited patiently for your story and now that I've had it I swear you are the younger version of myself. We share common likes with the f-bomb!
I love the give and take, the pull and release of this story. We get both characters POV so there's always a balance on Cameron and Eve's stories. Cameron's past is so breathtakingly real and it really tugs at your heart strings. I could not imagine enduring that type of makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. And Eve, my God that poor girl and the attempt at trying to find true love. I can't blame her or Cameron for "fighting the fall" for each other I mean my God they've both been through so much, who wouldn't be afraid to let someone love them.

There were so many frustrating, heart wrenching, sexy moments throughout this book. I literally could not get enough! I mean that back ally scene...HOLY SH&%$^^$# that was one of the hottest scenes I've ever seriously it is!! And can I say that the song Animals by Maroon 5 just happened to be playing at that particular time and made that scene soooooo much f-ing hotter! WHEW!!
I'm keeping my review short because Chelsea really hits on the highlights of the book but I wanted to put my two cents in because I was head over hells in love with this book. It's my favorite so far in the Fighting Series! Thank you JB Salsbury for being such a badass writer!

My playlist (I know Chelsea does this but I had to add mine for this book!):
1. Chandelier by Sia
2. Animals by Maroon 5
3. Burnin It Down by Jason Aldean
4. Fighter by Christina Aguilera
5. Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo
6. Centuries by Fall Out Boy

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Body of Evidence (Evidence #2) by Rachel Grant

Body of Evidence is the second book in the Evidence series and by far the most intense and suspenseful! I mean the first few pages of this book had my heart pumping so fast I was reading like a maniac to see what would happen!! I mean a freakin firing squad in North Korea...yeah like I said INTENSE!

Mara Garrett is an archeologist who retrieves the remains of lost soldiers at war and brings them home to their families. Well with one of her digs she ends up on the wrong side of Korea and becomes a prisoner. She is then sentenced to death by firing squad for being a so called "spy." Within seconds of being shot to death she is saved by the one man that the  Korean President requested to see who could spare her her life, Curt Dominick, a United States District Attorney.

Of course there has to be tension between Mara and Curt and it just so happens that he is prosecuting her uncle, a former Vice President. So yeah, you can say the two aren't going to come off being buddy buddy! This book has so many twists and turns and conspiracy theories it kept me on my feet! Rachel Grant has become one of my new favorite romance/action authors. She definitely knows how to keep you turning the pages!

Concrete Evidence (#1) By Rachel Grant

This is the first book I've read by this author but let me tell you, as soon as I was done with this book...I was on on my Kindle downloading the next two!! It was that good! This book has romance, suspense but also history. I felt like not only was a reading a great story but I was actually learning something too which you don't get in a lot of romance/suspense books.

Our female lead is Erica Kesling, an archeologist, who is trying to gain her reputation back along with clearing her name that her sleezy ex-boyfriend ruined. But of course things don't always go they way you need then to,,,enter Lee Scott. He's a smooth talking, sexy intern that is a pain in Erica's ass. As Erica tries to uncover a scandal of lost antiquities, her sexy intern turns out to be well, not so much an intern!

This story was action packed, sexy in all the right places and a lot of fun to read. If you like books with some action as well as a learning experience, then pick this one up! I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Jag by Stevie J. Cole Review~

"Addiction's like a seductive little beast that'll tempt you, call out to you when you're down, make filthy promises to you just like a harlot would, but you turn back to her and it won't do you a bit of good. It'll just smother your light, dampen your soul with regret. Just don't give into it. It's that simple and that damn hard all at the same time. You feel out of control, but you can control your destiny. Let life come through you, let it be effervescent. Be okay with saying you're a recovering addict, because that's what you'll be. Always recovering, people like you and me. It's one day at a time, but life's a beautiful thing. You'll see." -Stevie J. Cole, Jag. 

Don't really know where to start with this one. It was a somewhat slow read for me, more than likely because we didn't meet the leading lady until a good ways into the book. 

The beginning was heavy (a little too heavy) on cussing, sexual situations, and what a "rock god" is supposed to act like. It was also heavy on the drug use, throughout the book, but I didn't necessarily mind that part. Don't take that as me condoning drug use, I just find studying addiction and working with addiction interesting. I gave this book three stars because while the relationship was deep and the kind that would be needed to be the bright spot for an addict, it wasn't the hero of this story. Jagger was, to me. 

He was finally able to fight the addiction and understood it was going to be an ongoing battle. He was finally able to admit to himself he had a problem and he needed someone else or something else to help him. He was finally ready to take a risk, be vulnerable, over choosing to not feel, to black out his feelings. It was pretty realistic, the need, the craving, the willingness to give up basically anything, to numb everything. I appreciated the realism of that. I also really enjoyed the Russell Brand cameo!! 

Overall, I'm glad I read it. It was pretty intense and I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but I liked the overall feel of it. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Falling: A 7-Novel New Adult Anthology... Yay!!


Title: Falling: A 7-Novel New Adult Anthology

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 14, 2014


Falling never felt so good . . . Seven best-selling stories of love, heartbreak, and redemption.

***These full-length novels are either stand-alones or the first in a series.***

✦ ✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦ ✦

  SPIN MY LOVE by Chantal Fernando, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Facebook | Goodreads | Website World renowned DJ Tane Miller returns to his hometown after leaving when he was eighteen and never looking back. When he runs into his beloved childhood friend Giselle, his life takes a turn he could never have anticipated. spinmylove DEAREST CLEMENTINE by Lex Martin Facebook | Goodreads | Website Clementine Avery doesn't date. Not after her ex cheated and a professor stalked her. But when she accidentally signs up for a romance writing class, she has a hard time resisting hot RA Gavin Murphy, who volunteers to help her find a little "inspiration." DearestClementine DEEP BLUE by Jules Barnard Facebook | Goodreads | Website Recent college grad Cali Morgan thinks she has her life all figured out, until she returns to Lake Tahoe and runs into an old crush she barely recognizes. A serious accident pushes Jaeger’s life in a new direction, but he’s hotter than ever, his presence rocking the foundation Cali staked her future on. DeepBlue   DAZZLED by Jane Harvey-Berrick Facebook | Goodreads | Website Young London actor Miles Stephens gets a chance to star in a big-time Hollywood movie, but when the dream of a lifetime doesn’t match reality he turns to Clare, lifelong friend and girl next door. Clare knows two important facts: when you break chocolate, the calories fall out; and that she’s totally in love with clueless Miles. Dazzled   HE FOUND ME by Whitney Barbetti Facebook | Goodreads | Website Andra disappeared from an abusive environment when she was seventeen, choosing to build a new life, full of secrets. But when she met Julian, everything changed. And the moment she let her guard down, a threat from her past caught up to her. HFM   THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG by Jade Eby Facebook | Goodreads | Website Kara Pierce and Vince Gage have a tumultuous past. As in - he almost ruined Kara's life. When they're forced to work together on a final college project, Kara must learn how to do the hardest thing she's ever done: forgive. RKOW   THE YEAR WE FELL DOWN by Sarina Bowen Facebook | Goodreads | Website Corey Callahan thought she'd start college playing varsity ice hockey. But she'll start it in a wheelchair instead. The only perk? Her too-delicious-to-be-real neighbor, Adam Hartley. They're just friends, until one crazy night when things fall apart. Or fall together. All Corey knows is that she's falling. Hard. TYWFD     Grab your copy of this limited-time anthology featuring a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, along with some of the hottest debuts of 2014 for ONLY 99 cents! Falling Sale Ad with Retailers  
Amazon: US | UK | AU | CA


(Open International)

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Hope y'all check it out and enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

He Saved Me by Whitney Barbetti COVER REVEAL!

Hey guys!! We've got an exciting post for you today :) We're doing a cover reveal for a great author, Whitney Barbetti! Please note, He Saved Me is the 2nd book in the He Found Me Series so make sure to read He Found Me first! Without further ado... HSMebook

Title: He Saved Me

Author: Whitney Barbetti

Series: He Found Me #2

Release Date: October 29, 2014

Genre: New Adult Romance

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs



I’ve come to understand that I’ll always find her. She’s my north star, my sense of direction. In her, I’ve found my home. She tells me I saved her. But the truth is, she saved me. But nothing good can ever last. Andra’s keeping secrets. She’s holding something back. I’m trying, desperately, to anchor her. To let me in, to let me help. But will all my efforts end up with a ghost of a girl I love?


I’m used to disappearing. Vanishing into thin air, without a trace of who I’ve been or where I’ve gone. But it’s so much harder to do with a broken heart and no hope for a happy ending. Sometimes the only people who can put all the pieces of us back together are the ones we least expect to. That’s what Julian did for me. Julian found me. But now, all Six wants is to keep me locked up, away from the world, away from the Monster. I can’t live like that. It’s not living at all. Because I still have unfinished business. And I’m going to make sure the Monster gets what’s coming to him.


young lovers kiss HSM Full Cover Sign up for the newsletter to receive the first two chapters a week before release. Please note: This is a continuation of He Found Me. Characters from Ten Below Zero do appear in He Saved Me. This is the final installment of Julian and Andra's story. He Found Me 2.5 is about Six and Mira and is coming this winter. Join Barbetti's Babes on Facebook to see first glimpses and exclusive content! CAUTION: This group may contain spoilers for my books.
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Cover Reveal for NOCTE by Courtney Cole!!!

Hey guys! We've got another great cover reveal for y'all! So excited to share, Courtney Cole is one of our favorites!!

The night is always darkest before the dawn.

This is where the darkness begins.

NOCTE-cover-600px Courtney Cole NOCTE

Want to get exclusive sneak peeks, previews, and teasers of NOCTE, coming November 3? Sign up right here. Save yourself.