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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Perfecting Patience (Blow Hole Boys #1.5) by Tabatha Vargo - Review

“There's a funny thing about scars. You can cover them up and hide them, but no matter what you do, they're always there.”
Tabatha Vargo,
Perfecting Patience

 Ughhhhhh okay I just needed to get that out first. This is the continuing story of Patience and Zeke and while it's better than the first book, Playing Patience, it's still just missing a major a house missing walls something.

Patience is now in Florida going to school and playing soccer through the University. Zeke is playing with his band and has hit the big time. These two still have their issues, they still love each other and they try so hard to cover up their darkness instead of working through it. That's where I think this book really just fell flat for me. 
I honestly feel this story could have been so much more but instead we are just kind of jerked around for awhile and when things start to get interesting you're yanked in a different direction. It's like being in a car that's set on cruise's just a steady pace that really never accelerates. Patience ends up getting addicted to pain pills because they help her with her panic big surprise there considering what she went through but it was sooooooooo predictable ughhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I just wanted more for this story but instead all you get is a book with no solid story line that was just really was disappointing. I loved Zeke. I loved Patience. I didn't love the book but I also can't hate it because I just feel for what Patience and Zeke represented...the light in the darkness.

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