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Monday, July 14, 2014

More Than Him by Jay McLean Review~

"I don't think anything, or anyone, is ever going to keep me away from you. I love you way too much. You're my heart, my world, my light." -Jay McLean, More Than Him

Something tragic happens at the end of More Than Her. Logan fights through it, trying to protect Amanda more than caring for himself, but he couldn't stop what happened. Seeing something so terrible happen to the one person he loves more than anything in the world makes him feel ultimate guilt and depression. In true Logan fashion, he runs. He runs from his feelings, he runs from the girl, and he runs from what to do next. He thinks he's running to protect her, because she deserves better. Little does he know, she doesn't hold him responsible at all and all she really wants is for him to come back to her.

Logan spends a year with Doctors Without Borders. He needed to get away, but he had to do something when he went away. He spends the entire time in a post-Amanda state, focusing on her, thinking mainly of her, and how much he misses her. Logan spends that time trying to process his own feelings about what happened, and deal with the anxiety and depression that resulted because of it.

Logan comes back to town and runs into Amanda at a party. It's like no time has passed for him- she is still the light in his darkness, his everything. Amanda still loves him, too. She's beyond hurt that he left her, but he's her person and she can't not be with him. They get back together almost instantly because their love for each other is that intense.

While they are happy to be back together, they know they've got some big things to overcome. One of the major things Amanda is concerned with is Ethan. Amanda doesn't want to let people know she and Logan are back together because she's afraid they'll judge her for how easily she took him back. She's also afraid Ethan will kill him for hurting her, again. When Ethan discovers that Logan and Amanda were hiding their relationship, you start to think Amanda might've been right...

Naturally, a major fight ensued. Logan felt like he deserved it. Amanda was ticked at Ethan for hurting him. Ethan is angry he left her. Ethan slowly regained some trust in Logan when he saw the way Logan treated his sister. Amanda continued to fall for Logan, but was still holding on to some anger and hurt that he'd left her. She couldn't convince herself that he'd never leave again.

Logan decided to share some of his journal entries with Amanda. He kept a journal during Doctors Without Borders where he expressed his truest feelings, without worrying about any repercussions of his thoughts or feelings. He shared the heartbreaking journal entries with Amanda and she fell even more in love. Seeing all he went through and knowing how he felt about her, was the ultimate way for  Amanda to regain her faith in him.

This book has the HEA that you definitely crave for Logan and Amanda. I think Amanda is a great female lead character, but the thing that really sold me for this book and the one before it, was Logan. His heart is so big and he loves so strongly. He had a horrible, tragic childhood but he moved past it. He grew up into a strong, smart, amazing guy and didn't let his past effect him.

"You know he feels everything, right here. In his heart. And he loves, fiercely with this passion and emotion that's all Logan. Every part of him. He gives you every single piece."

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