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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan - Review

I am now an addict of Kristen Callihan's books! I one clicked this bad boy after another author kept going on and on about it. So I dove in and I loved every.single.second.I'm not usually into football type stories but this one just grabbed me and sucked me in for the entire ride.

Anna Jones is a college student who has issues with relationships, love and kissing on the lips! She likes her men as hook ups and nothing more. No attachments, no relationship drama and no worries of getting your heartbroken. Her whole world is turned upside down when she meets star Quarterback, Drew Baylor, who just so happens to be sitting right next to her in Lit class. I have to give it to Drew, the boy was persistent! Even after Anna told him she did not "date" he was totally okay with having her as a "booty call", which is what they refer to each other as.

I loved every word, every sentence, every paragraph of this book! Right when I thought I had everything figured out with Anna and Drew, a big old fat wrench is thrown into the mix just to stir shit up! The two of them are hot as hell together and God have mercy can Kristen Callihan write a sex scene! Call the fire department cause I'm on fire!!!!!!!!!

I laughed so many times in this book I honestly felt like when I was reading Anna's POV, I was in my head! Her thoughts and reactions to situations were exactly how I'd react. I think my favorite was:

         "Never mind the fact that we have virtually no examples of a utopian society thriving in a real
          world situation," I say. One of the girls who has been mooning over Baylor since the beginning
          of the semester raises her hand, as if she needs permission to speak, "What about Atlantis?"

          Oh, Jesus Christ in a peach tree.

I laughed so hard at that one simple sentence I had tears in my eyes! This is only one of many of Anna's quirky thoughts. I loved everything about Anna. Some reviews said she was naive and let her "daddy issues" get in the way but honestly, I felt like Anna reacted to things as most girls who have issues with relationships would.

 I loved her will to fight as well as her weakness to struggle with her emotions. By the end she fought for what she wanted and that was Drew, even when he tried his damndest to push her away after his injury, she stayed. The scene where they have their epic fight, after his injury, and they start throwing each others clothes outside, was so intense yet it kind of brought everything together. It's hard to explain so just red the damn book!

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