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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fix You: Books 1-3 by Christine Bell - Review

I read all three of these books in one day. This isn't a long drawn out series, it's short, sweet and has its hot moments. I wish there was a little more with the ex-boyfriend, but I like confrontation in my books so to each their own!

Olivia is your average college student who wants to conquer the world yet has so many issues with her family and with her oh so lovely boyfriend that she struggles to get through each day with a smile on her face. Then she meets Bash, who helps her out when her shitty boyfriend somewhat assaults her in a bathroom of the club he works at. I wanted so much more in that particular scene but whatever moving on. This is where Bash and Olivia kind of find themselves tangled in a very complicated web. Olivia's boyfriend gets Bash fired from his job at the club and of course Olivia feels bad so she seeks Bash out and asks for self defense classes.
Again, the three books in this series are short and an easy read, I just wanted a little more from the story. Don't get me wrong the book was great and the scenes with Olivia and Bash were freakin hot as hell, I'm just a glutton for intensity, fights and angst in the books i read LOL I know I know, again to each their own!

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