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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Gamble by Kristen Ashley - Review

I absolutely love Kristen Ashley as an author but I have to be honest, I struggled to get through this book. It was so wordy and drawn out that I found myself skipping through half the pages. I felt like there should have been some serious cutting of just junk dialogue that was irrelevant.

Nina is an American, but has a British accent from living over in England, and she's on a "time out" from her life and from her dull as hell fiance. Nina got on my nerves so bad. I didn't hate her character I just really disliked her. I couldn't connect with her on any level and I think that's because she was just flat. Oh and I won't even count how many times she said "Um" in the book...I mean for the love of God there were times I wanted to throat punch her and scream "JUST SPIT IT OUT ALREADY JESUS!"

And then there's Max. Where do I start with him...he's suppose to be this sexy Colorado, alpha male but honestly I felt like I got trying-way-too-hard-to-be-that-sexy-woodsy-guy. Again, here's a character who's dialogue just didn't do it for me. With Nina saying "Um" a lot, Max said "Yeah" a lot. And WTF was up with all the damn interruptions?!?!?!?! For the love of all that's holy let the two f-ing kiss already! That got old REALLY quick. It's like I'd get all into the scene and then....SOMEONE KNOCKS ON THE DOOR OR SOMEONE CALLS....Ugghhhhhhh just throw a wet blanket on me why don't ya!
I know this book has a lot of 5 star reviews but I just couldn't connect with this story or the characters. On to the next!

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