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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jude by Gia DeLuca Review!

Jude is the 2nd book in the Beautiful Mine series, and a continuation of Evie's story. By now, hopefully you've read Julian. If not, GO READ JULIAN! I need to make it clear from the beginning of this post- Julian and Evie were meant to be. They were destined to meet, and for the time he was here, he was perfect for her. Now, he's gone which they both knew was coming, but he had to make sure Evie was taken care of and happy for the rest of her life, one way or another.

The beginning of this book starts with Evie and her grief over losing Julian. She feels lost and alone, staying in the little bungalow she and Julian had started their married lives in. Out of nowhere, Evie gets a surprise visitor who happens to look a lot like Julian. Enter, Jude. He comes, carrying a letter from Evie's late husband, with his final request being Jude coming to take care of Evie. I've got to be honest here- it kinda seemed like a strange request, to ask your brother to fall in love with your wife, but I can understand it, too. Julian knew he wasn't going to be there to provide the life that Evie deserved, and he wanted her to be happy, loved, adored, and protected. Who else could do that better than Jude? I also feel like Julian wanted to be able to share the love he felt from Evie with Jude because Jude desperately needed someone to love him. Jude spent most of his young life being treated as second-hand, left alone, and shunned from his family. Julian was always the focus and Jude was typically left to fend for himself. Now, as an adult, he's only ever been in short, noncommittal relationships because feelings are a concept he's not all too comfortable with.

Jude is the best thing for this new direction of Evie's life. He brings her company when she's feeling so alone, he gets her out of the house, helps her to forget about what other people are saying, and can take away some of the pain by making her smile. Evie starts to feel for him, and instantly misses him when he's gone back to California. Jude is conflicted. He wants to do as his brother asked, and thinks Evie is totally the type of woman Julian said she was. But, Jude was also asked to do something for the Ice Queen a.k.a. Mother Dearest, and she's willing to invest over 2 million into his company if he complies. The company he created is struggling and that investment is what will save the company. But, is it worth it? How will it effect his relationship with Evie when she finds out he was originally supposed to dig up dirt on her for Caroline?

Jude and Evie continue to grow closer. Their relationship is developing, and Jude convinces Evie to move out to LA. It could be a whole new life for her, and it's time to get out of Halverford and a town that is full of sad memories for her. So, Carys and Evie take a leap and move out to CA. Evie is happy with Jude. Carys has found love with Jude's roomie. Things are going well.


Once again, Caroline comes around. She has made it her mission to hurt Evie and get Evie out of the Garner-Willoughby family, and she almost succeeds in Jude. Evie is hurt. She can't believe that Jude would deceive her. She's still reeling from the loss of Julian and the beginning of something new with Jude. She decides to take some time for herself and go back to see her family. She then decides to do a little something more for herself, and for Julian.

This is the part I'm super jealous of in this book....

Evie uses the time to heal, to experience a little bit of life on her own, and to think about Jude and her feelings for him. She gets back to California, and back to Jude and no temporary girlfriends will stop her.

I began this book thinking I couldn't see Evie with anyone other than Julian. But, Julian isn't an option anymore and Jude is perfect for her, just as she's perfect for him. The best part of the book? The prologue/epilogue from Julian! It felt like he was their angel watching over them and it just got me, right there in the space with all the feels!! Once again, this was a story well written and I loved the characters. I wish we got a little bit more of Jude, his feelings and working through them, but overall I really enjoyed the book!

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