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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jamison by Gia DeLuca Review!

Jamison is the third and final book in the Beautiful Mine series. He's also the third brother in the Garner-Willoughby crew. He's the oldest and he's technically a half-brother to Julian and Jude. All three boys share Caroline as a Mother, but Jamison's Dad left he and his Mother when he was only 6. He's now one of the top neurosurgeons in the country, and Jamison is following in his footsteps, at least professionally. 

Jamison is a neurosurgeon, a great one at that. He's always double booked and is going through the motions. There's nothing exciting about his life, lately- day in, day out it's the same thing. The only part of his day he really looks forward to is his nightly walks, seeing the streets of NYC quieted down, ethereal almost. Part of his nightly walks is checking out his artsy neighbor. He's fascinated by her and how she works. He sees life in her, and she puts it on canvas beautifully. 

Sophie's stuck. She's not doing well, physically or mentally. Physically, Sophie has a brain aneurysm. Mentally, she's still carrying around guilt from the incident that happened 2 years ago. There's two things in her world that help her: her best friend and her artwork. 

Until she meets Jamison. 

Jamison and Sophie hit it off instantly. She breathes life into him, and he gives her something to live for. Sophie opens up to Jamison, sharing her feelings of guilt about a tragedy that struck her family. Jamison risks everything he's worked for to be with her. 

This story is pretty straightforward, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Sometimes we get into reading all of these romance and young/new adult novels that are filled to the brim with drama and angst. You don't really get that in this book and it's refreshing. Yes, there are intense parts: there are health scares, job scares, potential move scares, and family drama but it's not overboard. There are plenty of other things that happen in this book that I'm not going into for a reason. The true hero of this story is the relationship of Jamison and Sophie. She wanted to live for him, he got her, he became her everything. Jamison was willing to risk anything and everything for her. Nothing mattered if Sophie wasn't by his side. In my mind, this was a genuine, good love story and a true happily ever after. It didn't hurt to get to hear more about our other favorite Garner-Willoughbys either ;) 

Keep on living and loving, y'all! 

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