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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Jag by Stevie J. Cole Review~

"Addiction's like a seductive little beast that'll tempt you, call out to you when you're down, make filthy promises to you just like a harlot would, but you turn back to her and it won't do you a bit of good. It'll just smother your light, dampen your soul with regret. Just don't give into it. It's that simple and that damn hard all at the same time. You feel out of control, but you can control your destiny. Let life come through you, let it be effervescent. Be okay with saying you're a recovering addict, because that's what you'll be. Always recovering, people like you and me. It's one day at a time, but life's a beautiful thing. You'll see." -Stevie J. Cole, Jag. 

Don't really know where to start with this one. It was a somewhat slow read for me, more than likely because we didn't meet the leading lady until a good ways into the book. 

The beginning was heavy (a little too heavy) on cussing, sexual situations, and what a "rock god" is supposed to act like. It was also heavy on the drug use, throughout the book, but I didn't necessarily mind that part. Don't take that as me condoning drug use, I just find studying addiction and working with addiction interesting. I gave this book three stars because while the relationship was deep and the kind that would be needed to be the bright spot for an addict, it wasn't the hero of this story. Jagger was, to me. 

He was finally able to fight the addiction and understood it was going to be an ongoing battle. He was finally able to admit to himself he had a problem and he needed someone else or something else to help him. He was finally ready to take a risk, be vulnerable, over choosing to not feel, to black out his feelings. It was pretty realistic, the need, the craving, the willingness to give up basically anything, to numb everything. I appreciated the realism of that. I also really enjoyed the Russell Brand cameo!! 

Overall, I'm glad I read it. It was pretty intense and I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but I liked the overall feel of it. 

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