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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Body of Evidence (Evidence #2) by Rachel Grant

Body of Evidence is the second book in the Evidence series and by far the most intense and suspenseful! I mean the first few pages of this book had my heart pumping so fast I was reading like a maniac to see what would happen!! I mean a freakin firing squad in North Korea...yeah like I said INTENSE!

Mara Garrett is an archeologist who retrieves the remains of lost soldiers at war and brings them home to their families. Well with one of her digs she ends up on the wrong side of Korea and becomes a prisoner. She is then sentenced to death by firing squad for being a so called "spy." Within seconds of being shot to death she is saved by the one man that the  Korean President requested to see who could spare her her life, Curt Dominick, a United States District Attorney.

Of course there has to be tension between Mara and Curt and it just so happens that he is prosecuting her uncle, a former Vice President. So yeah, you can say the two aren't going to come off being buddy buddy! This book has so many twists and turns and conspiracy theories it kept me on my feet! Rachel Grant has become one of my new favorite romance/action authors. She definitely knows how to keep you turning the pages!

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