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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Bookworm Box Review!

Y'all. Have you heard of The Bookworm Box?? If you have, you're a pretty smart cookie. If you haven't, you're still pretty smart because I know after reading this post you're going to be HOOKED! 💛

So, if you haven't noticed, this isn't going to be our typical book review post. Today, we were SO LUCKY to be chosen byThe  Bookworm Box to receive a free box in exchange for an honest review! We were so, so excited to be one of the chosen and cannot wait to share our joy for this fabulous, charitable organization!!

Speaking of charities... Each Bookworm Box you subscribe for/pay for, the proceeds go to charity. Each month, multiple charities receive funds from the Bookworm Box. One of the coolest things about that-- you can have a part in which charities receive those donations!! The Bookworm Box is constantly asking for your thoughts and suggestions for different charities and wanting your input. Where else are you going to find a place that wants you to have a say in where it's donations go??

Besides that cool piece of news, Colleen Hoover is the one who created this whole awesome empire. And if you don't know who Colleen Hoover is, well then... Bless your heart! You HAVE to read ALL of her books. Now. My suggestion is to start with Slammed 😍

Anyway, so now I've built up the hype and you're question might be- well what exactly is The Bookworm Box? Well, I'm happy to tell ya! It's a monthly subscription where you pay between $40-$50 (can't remember the exact number), but the proceeds go to charity and you receive TWO awesome, signed paperbacks by some pretty sweet authors and LOTS of book swag!

See below for our GA Bookaholics Bookworm Box: 

Pretty cool, right?! You receive some really special paperbacks that you'd ordinarily never have a chance to receive (especially because they are signed) and several other little surprise treats! It really helps you find new authors you may have never heard of, but all the authors of the books I have seen are still pretty popular. So, if I don't know about them yet, I'm usually pretty excited to learn about those (new to me) authors!

Anyway, because of my awesome Bookworm Box-- I've got some reading to do!! First on my list... Midnight Lily! ☺️

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