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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fighting Fate by JB Salsbury

JB Salsbury has hit it out of the mother #$%@! park once again!

Fighting Fate holds it's own as the sixth installment in the Fighting Series, which introduces us to Axelle and Killian. Now if you've read the other books in this series, these two should be familiar to you, they're both introduced in Fighting to Forgive. The story of Axelle and Killian's friendship turned lovers turned big, confusing hot mess, is heartbreaking. There were times throughout this book that I wanted to straight up throw my Kindle at the wall and other times I wanted to curl up in a ball and just weep. JB knows how to write a story and even better, she knows how to write amazing characters that you'll never forget.

Axelle is your typical college student who likes to party, drink too much and has one really douchey boyfriend! Killian reminds me of poor Dawson in Dawson's Creek, always the friend, never the boyfriend. But when Axelle starts to realize what's right in front of her, she realizes that her feelings go much deeper than friendship when it comes to Killian.
Killian is they guy everyone loves. He's loyal, friendly and would give the shirt off his back to someone in need. He's had feelings for Axelle since he laid eyes on her but has always felt he held the dreaded friends only card. When they both realize their feelings go beyond their friendship, their love blossoms into something wonderful.
But as we all know JB Salsbury is going to sideswipe you with a situation that will leave you saying "whooooaaaaaaa!"

Without giving anything away, Axelle makes a decision to let Killian go because he has the opportunity of a lifetime to train and fight in London and she refuses to hold him back because she needs help. Killian is heartbroken. He's confused and doesn't understand why Axelle would just push him away when she desperately needs him. So the question is, if you really do let love go, will it find its way back if it's meant to be?
Thank you JB for another incredible story!

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