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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan - Review

I have quickly become a HUGE fan of Kristen Callihan's! The Friend Zone is the 2nd book in the Game On series and it doesn't disappoint. We first meet Gray Grayson aka Cupcake in the first book, The Hook Up and all you can think about is him being this major manwhore who just loves women but never settles down. Well that all changes when he meets, or shall I say, receives a text from Ivy Mackenzie aka Special Sauce.

The banter between these two was awesome. The texting was probably my favorite part of these two. You honestly felt like you were invading a private conversation, that's how "real life" the texts were. I know some people criticized about how you can become so connected to someone through a text before you've even met them, apparently those folks have never experienced it. I have and let me tell you, it's an amazing thing. You truly learn who that person is by just letters on a screen. You learn their personality before your eyes can make a judgement. And the fact that Gray and Ivy both were friends before realizing their attraction to each other was a beautiful thing. You really felt their connection and their friendship, which made their relationship that much stronger.

The pink Fiat just cracked me up and I can only imagine what Gray looked like climbing in and out of that thing! It cracks me just thinking about it! This story has it all, witty banter, drama, intensity and of course super duper sexiness!

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