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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Running Mate by Katie Ashley Review!!

"I didn't do it just because of the contract. I did it because you ******* consumed me. I only had eyes for you, and I always will." - Katie Ashley, Running Mate

I received a free ARC of Running Mate in exchange for an honest review. I was so happy to provide my feedback because I loved this book! 

I was a little weary to read the book originally because I've been burnt out on politics after our own very long, very dramatic presidential election lately. 

However, there is GOOD NEWS! This book was even better than expected and didn't trigger any of the stressful feelings from the US' most recent election! It didn't go in to all of the political issues or give flashbacks of the ridiculous debates we watched this past year. What it did give us what a bit of a behind the scenes story from a marketing perspective on how to get the vote! It was really neat to follow not just one political candidate through this process, but the whole political family and their different roles/relationships. Obviously, this is a work of fiction but it definitely made me think about very real political families we've watched grace Pennsylvania Avenue in the past. I felt that Katie did a great job with character development for both the main and secondary characters and made me fall in love with the whole Callahan family. 

Barrett "Bear" Callahan was the star of the show in this book for me. At first, he's the guy you hate to love. He's arrogant, he's crass, a womanizer, and definitely rough around the edges. He doesn't believe in love and can't even fathom the possibility of marriage in his future. I would call him a bit of a commitment-phobe, but that's not really true. He just never met anyone worth settling down for, until Addison came into his life.

It by no means was love at first sight between Addison and Barrett, though! From their first introduction and especially their first 48 hours together, the tension was thick. They fought and bickered constantly and both knew from a very early start in their relationship exactly what buttons to push on the other to get a reaction. While others worried that the two would be able to keep up appearances, I knew early on that their constant fighting was more a battle of sexual tension above anything else. Of course, neither Barrett or Addison were ready to admit that until about 70% of the way into the book!

My only complaint for this story was that it took the two main characters over half of the book to realize how they really feel, even on a personal level! I could see it developing from the very beginning and I think it was implied throughout the story that they were feeling things for one another, but I was ready for them to really be together sooner rather than later! I guess my ultimate issue is that I just wanted more of Addison and Barrett! :) I really liked Addison as well but her reaction to Barrett bearing his heart at the end of the book turned me off a little bit. I know that she was hurt by her past (homegirl, we all get the trust issues after a cheater) but I expected her to expect more of Barrett and to know that he didn't go into his feelings for her lightly. When he gave us this line...

"How can you possibly be a missionary's daughter and not believe in the power of redemption?"

I swooned and gave a fist bump to Barrett in my mind!

I was just ready to see Addison get swept away by her happy romance (she so deserves it) and not fight it tooth and nail. However, once she realized what she had and how he really felt, the end of the story was epic! I loved the way Katie Ashley wrapped up the story. Go you Callahan boys!! <3

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