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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Call Sign Karma by Jamie Rae

Okay so after reading all the great reviews on this book I decided to give it a go. All I can say is *face palm*. I don't even know where to begin *sigh*. I love bad ass female characters but I expected sooooooooooooo much more from Tinklee. I mean she's a flippin' female fighter pilot not a kindergarten teacher! And I won't even go into that name, Tinklee...I mean Really?!?!

Here are some things I just had problems with....

1.The emotional baggage Tinklee carried concerning the death of her brother was just unbelievable. It just didn't make sense to me. I mean the loss of a loved one is definitely hard but it was done so over the top it made it very hard for me to emotionally connect.

2. For a 22 year old who was on her way to being a bad ass fighter pilot in the Air Force, Tinklee sometimes acted like she was an immature 16 year old girl who couldn't handle her emotions. And the way she was always running into things and tripping and falling and bumping her head, it was just so juvenile to me. I honestly couldn't take her seriously.

3. Locke, the leading man and Tinklee's instructor and taboo lover, could have been so awesome! I didn't get "alpha male" from him at all. I liked his character and his admiration for Tinklee but them together was like watching a bad soap another language! They were lacking major "feels" for me. And Ash's character could have been so much more as well. I mean the guy was in the Special Forces yet acted like an immature high schooler. He was witty, I'll give him that but other than the quick thinking, he just presented himself to be very childish.

I'm sorry I wanted to love this book...I really, really did!! I just could not connect with the characters and the story was all over the place. Some scenes were not in depth enough and others were so rushed that I almost forgot what I was reading about. I get it's a NA book but if you're gonna write about a bad ass female fighter pilot, then make her BAD ASS! And if you want a relationship to be believable, give us a little steam. I don't need full on erotic scenes but give me a little something not just "they kissed and groped and headed for the bedroom and closed the chapter." Ughhh I need to feel a little something, a connection, the emotion. Like I said I don't need full on naughty scenes but there should have been a little more so the characters could draw you in and make you believe their need, want and love for each other.

Oh well....on to the next book in my never ending Kindle library!

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