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Friday, August 14, 2015

Fisher's Light by Tara Sivec-- Review!!

"The mind is a great and powerful thing, bisected with hallways of darkness and corners of light. Memories can alternately fill your life with joy and happiness and cloud every moment with nightmares and fear, making you second-guess all of the good things and wonder if they were ever real."-Tara Sivec, Fisher's Light

So, it's been a little while since I've written a review purely because of the want/need to share the good word about a book! I loved Fisher's Light. I loved Lucy. I loved Trip. I loved the island. I loved the lighthouse. I am head over heels about Fisher. 

Let's start off talking about the general story of the book, before I get too far ahead of myself. Fisher and Lucy are high school sweethearts. They are one of those couples that, once they see each other, they never see anyone else again. The attraction is strong and the relationship is good. They are happy and willing to sacrifice anything for the other. The day Fisher met Lucy, he had signed up for the Marines. Right after high school, he goes off to boot camp. Shortly after that, Lucy and Fisher are facing their first deployment. Many more deployments come, along with a worsening case of PTSD for Fisher, as Lucy struggles to hold on. Fisher's Light, to me, is about the struggles a military couple can face and how it can break you and restore you, but also how love can conquer all. 

So, Lucy goes through a lot in this book. She's happy, she's devastated, she's angry, she's lost.  I feel like I can identify with Lucy some because I'm a military wife as well. Each military wife's path is different though, so I definitely can't claim to understand her and their life exactly. The best word I can use to describe Lucy is devoted. She's devoted to Fisher. All she wants from him is him. 100%. She loves him, she wants his passion, his anger, his hurt, she wants it all. I admire Lucy for her dedication and devotion to Fisher, through it all. That's what love is supposed to be. That's what marriage is supposed to be. Through sickness and in health, through the good and the bad. 

All Fisher cares about is Lucy. He's in hell, constantly going from present time then back to the battlefield, struggling with what is reality. Through it all, Lucy is his light. She's the one he strives to come back to, from the battlefield but also from his own mind. She gives him hope and purpose, she's why he strives to make it through and make it back to her. 

I love this book. I love Tara Sivec for writing this book. I love everything it represents and I love love. I love that through hell and back, through deployments and disease, these two constantly work on finding their way back to one another. Tara Sivec is a believer and a lover and I love her for it! 

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