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Friday, March 20, 2015

When the Chips are Down by Beth Rinyu!

Time to pick up your copy of When The Chips Are Down by Beth Rinyu!

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Beth Rinyu has done it again! Another wonderfully written book with a story that will keep you turning page after page.

To begin, let me say-- thank you! I received an ARC of When the Chips are Down in exchange for an honest review. I am happy to read and review anything you write, Beth Rinyu!

This is the story of a divorced Mom who's found real love when she wasn't looking for it and who's raising two twin teenage girls with their own life and love struggles. This book is real life. That's one of my favorite things about it. There are so many romance novels out there that are FABULOUS, don't get me wrong- but realistic? Not so much. This is a book that could seriously be about you, your neighbor down the street, or that crazy best friend of yours.

I loved that this book looked at multiple parts of this family. There were so many good characters in this story. We've got the star of the show, Melanie, who is so easily relatable.

Then there's that jerk of an ex-husband who everyone loves to hate (let's just be honest here), along with his twenty-something-purchased-perky new bride.

Next comes Gia and Carrie, who are so different but so similar at the same time. I love that you get to read about their life, the struggles each one of them face as they go through those dreaded high school years, but also their hope for the future.

Then there's the boys.... we've got Jason, Daniel, and Cam.

Jason-- I mean, seriously? How could you not love him?

After Jason finally gets rid of that horrible girl he's been spending time with, he finally sees the light! He sees that he deserves WAY better and he won't settle for anything less. He's crazy about Carrie, sweet and kind, loving and honest. He even stands up for and protects Carrie's sister, just as strongly as he would Carrie-- how can you not love that?

Daniel comes into Gia's life right when she needs someone the most. Poor Gia. I hate high school kids. They can be so vicious. Gia falls victim to horrible bullying at school, just for doing something right and taking care of herself and her heart. Daniel is the light in the dark for her, the friend when she had none left.

Except for Cam. We didn't get to see much about Cam, which is probably my biggest regret for this book. What we did see, though? Love! I think Cam could be an exceptional character. I'm really hoping he plays a bigger role in the next books...

And, of course, we can't mention Cam without mentioning his mother. Ah! Everyone needs a Jodi in their life!! That one best friend who will drop everything and be there for you, with a shovel or whatever she needs to make you laugh or smile! Jodi is that friend. 

Last, but most certainly not least is one particular brovarie! Enter, Ben. Ben Wilder-- fellow high school student that Smellanie loved to hate. Now, they are both grown up, both adults with children and relationships that didn't quite work out. Both have had some serious hurt in their life and are a little wary to move forward. As the months go on, Melanie develops from this angry, bitter divorcee who owns a Bridal salon to a woman who is looking forward to the future, a woman who believes in love again, and thinks she's found it with Ben. Ben just has to work through his past and try to come out on the other side towards Melanie... 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book!! It was a 4- 4 1/2 star book for me! The only things keeping it from a 5 for me was: I wanted more Cam (I think Cam and Gia would be cute together!), I was left wanting with Carrie and Jason, and just wanted a little bit more to Melanie and Ben. Alas, I'm PRAYING one of those things will be remedied with Two of Hearts coming out this summer!!! Hurry up, summer!! Can't wait to read it :) 

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